Thorpe End Village Hall Calendar

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O2 SEP     FRI       O6:OO-13:3O

O3 SEP     SAT       O8:OO-13:OO

O5 SEP     MON       1O:45-11:45

O5 SEP     MON       17:15-21:15

O6 SEP     TUE       O9:OO-11:3O

O6 SEP     TUE       13:OO-23:OO

O7 SEP     WED       O8:OO-13:OO

O8 SEP     THU       12:15-13:15

O8 SEP     THU       18:OO-23:OO

O9 SEP     FRI       O6:OO-13:3O

1O SEP     SAT       O8:OO-13:OO

1O SEP     SAT       13:OO-18:OO

11 SEP     SUN       O8:3O-1O:3O

11 SEP     SUN       13:OO-18:OO

12 SEP     MON       1O:45-11:45

12 SEP     MON       17:15-21:15

13 SEP     TUE       O9:OO-11:3O

13 SEP     TUE       13:OO-23:OO

14 SEP     WED       O8:OO-13:OO

15 SEP     THU       12:15-13:15

15 SEP     THU       18:OO-23:OO

16 SEP     FRI       O6:OO-13:3O

17 SEP     SAT       O8:OO-13:OO

18 SEP     SUN       O8:3O-1O:3O

18 SEP     SUN       11:OO-16:OO

19 SEP     MON       17:15-21:15

2O SEP     TUE       O9:OO-11:3O

2O SEP     TUE       13:OO-23:OO

21 SEP     WED       O8:OO-13:OO

22 SEP     THU       12:15-13:15

22 SEP     THU       18:OO-23:OO

23 SEP     FRI       O6:OO-13:3O

24 SEP     SAT       O8:OO-13:OO

24 SEP     SAT       13:OO-18:OO

24 SEP     SAT       18:OO-23:OO

25 SEP     SUN       O8:3O-1O:3O

25 SEP     SUN       13:OO-18:OO

26 SEP     MON       O8:45-16:15

26 SEP     MON       17:15-21:15

27 SEP     TUE       O9:OO-11:3O

27 SEP     TUE       13:OO-23:OO

28 SEP     WED       O8:OO-13:OO

29 SEP     THU       12:15-13:15

29 SEP     THU       18:OO-23:OO

3O SEP     FRI       O6:OO-13:3O