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About Shrublands Youth and Adult Centre - Reg. Charity Number 274442

The Shrublands Youth and Adult Centre site was originally a farm and was bequeathed in 1949 for the benefit of the community. It was developed over the years by a very dedicated group mainly of volunteers into a very successful youth and adult centre. During the 1950’s 60’ and 70’s it was established as a very significant community facility offering an extensive range of activities, services and a base for many community organisations. With a social membership of around 2000 people and estimated 75,000 – 80,000 users per year, this was probably one of the most successful centres of its kind in the county. In 1974 Norfolk County Council inherited the site; there have been a variety of uses and various different departments running the site.

A registered charity was set up in 1977 with Norfolk County Council as custodian trustees, to advance education and to provide facilities for recreation for the benefit of the local inhabitants of Gorleston and the surrounding neighbourhood of the site. By 2005, it was apparent that the original Trust Deed was no longer fit for purpose, and the Trustees made a number of amendments which reduced the large number of trustees and sought to vest control and management of the charity in local people rather than in elected members appointed as Trustees by the County Council.

Our focus is to be a centre of excellence, providing affordable facilities and activities which meet the needs of the community/neighbourhood, including the revitalising of past activities and support for new/emerging aspirations.

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