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Our help centre has lots of information on managing your online bookings. If your question isn't answered here, please send a message, or contact Justin directly on (+44) (0)7805 648935. Alternatively, send an email to [javascript protected email address].

If your venue has already been set up, download our PDF Instruction Guide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Setting up your Venue's Pages

You can get going very quickly. You'll need to know the Bookings Secretary's username and password to login.

To log in, head to

Enter your username and password. You'll then be taken to the Unapproved Bookings page.

You need to do the following:

  • Edit the text for the bookings page. This is the part that gives an overview of your venue.
  • Tweak the email messages that are sent when someone makes a booking or when you confirm a booking.
  • (Optional) Upload some photographs of your venue.
  • (Optional) Upload the documents your hirers need. This might include a general information page, a paper booking form or some terms and conditions.
  • (Optional) Edit your PDF invoice settings - the header and footer can be personalised for your venue.

No. This is all managed online. You can manage bookings from a computer, an iPad or even your telephone.

No. We've designed the system to be simple to use. The Bookings Secretary just needs to be able to go to a webpage and click to approve bookings.

Our system also sends an email about new bookings, so your secretary needs to be able to read an email.

Yes. The Bookings Secretary can very quickly add a new booking. You don't have to force people to go online!

Yes. They can select specific rooms - or the whole building.

Yes. You can write your own description and add photos with captions. If you need to make any changes later on, you can do so easily.

Yes. You can send an email with a PDF invoice. The invoice can be personalised to tell hirers how to pay. For example, you might want to write who to make a cheque out to, or bank transfer details. You don't have to send out invoices: it's an option that's available if you would like to use it.

No. Carry on with your existing payment system. Hirers can download booking and payment forms, if you wish. The Bookings Secretary or Treasurer can mark bookings as 'paid'. You can put the BACS info or bank transfer sort code and account number either on the invoice, or on the provisional booking email.


He/she just goes to a webpage and checks the calendar. A demonstration page is here. You are welcome to make a test booking: it's not a real village hall.

Yes. When making a booking, you can copy it to another day. You can also find a previous booking and copy that across to a new day.

Your hirers don't need to keep entering all their information repeatedly!

The Bookings Secretary can also set up events that repeat weekly.

Yes. You can set a minimum notice period for deleting bookings. (e.g. 30 days.)

The Bookings Secretary can delete a booking (or make changes to it) at any time.

Yes. We understand that not everyone in the community wants to book online. Your Bookings Secretary can still accept bookings by phone and easily add them to the system.

By checking the online calendar. The hirer doesn't need to call anyone.

Keep using your existing payment methods. Your Treasurer (or whoever) can update the booking to show that a payment has been received.

When the Bookings Secretary clicks to approve a booking, our system will automatically send an approval email.


The system will send a notification email.

He/she just goes to a webpage and clicks to approve bookings. A demonstration page is here. Go ahead and approve something: it's not a real venue!

Yes. We understand that not everyone in the community is necessarily online.

Whoever receives the payments (the Treasurer) can log in and mark a booking as paid. This will show up when the Bookings Secretary reviews bookings.

Yes. All bookings can be edited or deleted by the Bookings Secretary. The hirer can make changes to unapproved bookings and can delete a booking. You can set the minimum notice period needed to delete a booking.


Sign up for a 60-day free trial! We will set up a bookings page and go through the steps with you.

Yes. You can upload your venue's documentation whenever you wish. This might include a paper booking form, hire charges overview, general information, alcohol licence application or a plan of the building.

When your documentation changes (such as new hiring charges) you can upload the new documentation.

We manage the back end. You'll need someone in charge (the Bookings Secretary) to approve bookings and answer questions from hirers.

Yes. Hirers can choose whether their booking and/or contact information is displayed on the public calendar.

Private information can only be accessed with a password. The password is very encrypted!

As bookings payment is made offline, we don't store (or ask for) anyone's card details.

Sign up for a 60-day free trial! You'll be able to test everything fully, and customise the pages to suit your venue.

If you have questions, please get in touch! Send an email to [javascript protected email address] or call 07805 648935. The consultation is free!

You can also experience some of the functions of the booking system by experimenting with our imaginary venue: Casterbridge Village Hall. You can make bookings and then log in as the Bookings Secretary and approve then. Follow this link.

Do you have more questions? You can send a message, or contact Justin directly on (+44) (0)7805 648935. Alternatively, send an email to [javascript protected email address] .