Why move your hall's booking online?

Fewer Phone Calls!

Visitors can see hall availability and book online.

Everything Online

Approve, edit and cancel bookings with ease. Send out invoices with a couple of clicks.

User Friendly

Simple booking management. You don't need to be a tech expert!

Save Time

One click to approve a booking and send a confirmation email.

Your venue can earn more money.

People are more likely to book if they can do so without calling. Your Bookings Secretary doesn't need to waste time answering the same questions.

With the online system, your community can:

  •   See if there is space available.
  •   Book an event instantly.
  •   Download booking forms, alcohol licence.
  •   Amend or delete a booking.
  •   Receive email approval.

Your Bookings Secretary can:

  •   Receive email about new bookings.
  •   Approve bookings with one click.
  •   Send invoices with ease.
  •   Amend or delete a booking.
  •   Save time with fewer calls!

Do you have regular bookings which you want to take by phone? No problem! You can easily add the booking to the system yourself.

We can also provide a widget for your existing website showing upcoming events at your venue.

Fully-hosted Bookings Calendar

responsive calendar

Manage your bookings with ease!


You don't need tech skills to use our system.

We'll send you an email when someone makes a booking. You can click to review it and approve the booking. Our system sends out the approval email instantly.

You can manage everything from an iPad, a phone or a computer.

Best of all: you can take the system for a spin right now!

Why not book an event at our demonstration Village Hall? You can then log in as the Bookings Secretary and approve yourself!

Try it out now!

Move your hall booking online.

Increase bookings and reduce your Bookings Secretary's workload!

Use our 60-day no-commitment free trial. You don't need to pay in advance.

After your evaluation period, we're confident that you'll want to use our services! Sign up today!

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