Privacy Policy for Avonway Community Centre

Fordingbridge & District Community Association (“F&DCA”) Privacy Notice August 2022

Information Collected

Information is only collected directly from information subjects and such subjects will be aware at the time of collection of exactly what information they have supplied.    Information collected before the application of the General Data Protection Regulations is generally limited to Name, Address, Telephone and email contacts, age/date of birth and, where appropriate, bank account details.   Further details are held in respect of employees only as required to administer employment, salary, tax, national insurance and pension.

Data Controller

The F&DCA is the data controller and can be contacted either via the Avonway Office 01425 652706 (0900-1200 weekdays) by mail to F&DCA, Avonway Community Centre, 36 Shaftesbury Street Fordingbridge SP6 1JF or by email to

Purpose of Data Processing and Interest of Data Controller

The F&DCA Charity Number 269698 holds non-sensitive personal information for the purpose of its constitutionally defined charitable activities including managing the Avonway Community Centre.

Recipients of Personal Data

In general, personal data is not shared with any third party unless there is an overriding statutory obligation to do so. Exceptions arise in relation to Trustees whose data will be shared with the Charity Commission and/or published only with the extent required by law and in relation to employees in relation to contact with the Inland Revenue and pension providers.    In these cases the F&DCA will access and rely on the third party’s privacy statement.    Exceptionally, where disclosure of data is required for other purposes such as for an insurance claim, specific consent for the disclosure will be sought.

Data Retention

Data will be retained only for such period as it is required for effective running of the F&DCA. Given the very limited data collected and the long timescale of members association with F&DCA it is not considered appropriate to ask members to renew consent on a regular basis. However, communications by email to members and other individuals for whom data is held by F&DCA are given the option to reply and request removal. In all circumstances data will be retained as required by relevant statute.

Data Subjects’ Rights

F&DCA recognises the rights of data subjects to access, correct and require deletion of personal information and will respond promptly when contacted as set out above. F&DCA will respond promptly to any complaint about personal data management and will draw complainants attention to their right to contact the Information Commissioner (Information Commissioner's Office, Wycliffe House, Water Lane, Wilmslow, Cheshire, SK9 5AF, Tel: 0303 123 1113 )

Contracts and Consequences of Failure To Provide Personal Information

The consequences of failure to provide information are generally limited to loss of effective contact with the activities of the F&DCA.   In the case of employees and Trustees failure to provide necessary or legally required information may result in discontinuation of the relationship between the individual and the F&DCA.

Automated Processing 

F&DCA does not use automated decision making or profiling