To make a booking at Whitewell Bottom Community Centre:

This is just demonstration text. The Administrator can update this at any time.

  1. Read the documents: Guidance for use of the centre and complete room hire forms.
  2. Go to the calendar page. Check availability. Click on New Booking and fill in the form.

Note: If you have any queries, please contact Robyn on

Please observe the following points as it will help you and the unpaid volunteers who run the community centre.

  • Please ensure you have booked enough time to set up at the beginning and clearing up after your event.
  • Please make sure that your booking form and payment is with Robyn by the weekend before your event as the bookings are confirmed online and sent to the Treasurer and Chairperson.
  • Alcohol is allowed on site but it is NOT allowed to be sold.
  • Please read through the "Guidance for us of the centre" which includes all necessary information including fire escape routes etc.

If you have any further questions, please get in touch.

Thank you.

Whitewell Bottom Community Centre 

Tel: 01706 218613

Documents: There are PDF documents which can be viewed online or printed out