St. John's Hall, Mortimer Calendar

You can use this calendar to make an immediate provisional booking of the hall, simply by clicking the ‘+ New Booking’ link underneath the date that you're interested in and submitting the short form that follows. If you want to make repeated or regular bookings then creating an account using the ‘Hirer Login’ link above is recommended.

The calendar shows dates until the end of next year. If you need to book anything beyond that, or have other questions and want to speak to someone, please get in touch via the details on the ‘Contacts’ page.

O1 JUL     FRI       O8:OO-15:3O

O2 JUL     SAT       O9:3O-12:OO

O3 JUL     SUN       13:OO-16:OO

O3 JUL     SUN       16:OO-18:OO

O4 JUL     MON       O8:OO-15:3O

O4 JUL     MON       15:3O-17:OO

O5 JUL     TUE       O8:OO-15:3O

O5 JUL     TUE       19:3O-21:3O

O6 JUL     WED       O8:OO-15:3O

O6 JUL     WED       19:3O-21:3O

O7 JUL     THU       O8:OO-15:3O

O7 JUL     THU       19:15-21:45

O8 JUL     FRI       O8:OO-15:3O

O9 JUL     SAT       O9:3O-12:OO

O9 JUL     SAT       14:OO-18:OO

O9 JUL     SAT       19:OO-2O:OO

1O JUL     SUN       O9:OO-14:OO

1O JUL     SUN       16:OO-18:OO

11 JUL     MON       O8:OO-15:3O

12 JUL     TUE       O8:OO-15:3O

12 JUL     TUE       19:3O-21:3O

13 JUL     WED       O8:OO-15:3O

13 JUL     WED       15:3O-21:OO

14 JUL     THU       O8:OO-15:3O

15 JUL     FRI       O8:OO-15:3O

15 JUL     FRI       15:3O-18:3O

16 JUL     SAT       O9:3O-12:OO

16 JUL     SAT       14:OO-17:OO

17 JUL     SUN       1O:OO-14:OO

17 JUL     SUN       16:OO-18:OO

18 JUL     MON       O8:OO-15:3O

19 JUL     TUE       O8:OO-15:3O

19 JUL     TUE       19:3O-21:3O

2O JUL     WED       O8:OO-15:3O

2O JUL     WED       18:OO-2O:OO

21 JUL     THU       O8:OO-15:3O

23 JUL     SAT       O9:3O-12:OO

23 JUL     SAT       15:OO-22:OO

24 JUL     SUN       16:OO-18:OO

25 JUL     MON       O9:OO-22:3O

26 JUL     TUE       O9:OO-22:3O

27 JUL     WED       O9:OO-22:3O

28 JUL     THU       O9:OO-22:3O

29 JUL     FRI       O9:OO-18:OO

3O JUL     SAT       O9:3O-12:OO

31 JUL     SUN       16:OO-18:OO