To make a booking at Broseley's Victoria Hall 

You can view and download a Bookings Form here or book online as described below.
For enquiries please email …  or phone 07938 867212

     Online booking 

  1. Go to the Calendar Page to check availability and to start your booking.
    Make a provisional booking by clicking the green + New Booking link - it's at the bottom of each day in the calendar.

    You will be asked to use a password.
    This is not for security, but to allow you to edit your booking later … so make it something VERY easy to remember.
  2. If you want to book more slots than one, please do each separately
    (unless you have a Regular User's account - see below).
  3. Before booking please read the terms and conditions of hire.
  4. The hourly hire prices are …..
    Hall - £12.50  ~  with the kitchen £14.50.
    Lounge £8  ~  with the kitchen £10
    Bar (the lounge is of course included when a staffed bar is required) - £15

    On this basis, the Hall, Lounge and Kitchen combined are £22.50 …. with a staffed bar it becomes £29.50.


After we've got your request …

We will confirm the space/s requested and the cost with you before your booking is confirmed.

You may be asked for a deposit to cover possible damage and loss depending on the type of booking.

Late cancellation of an event can incur cancellation charges if the space cannot be rehired to another user.

If you would prefer to send an email ( please include:

  • Who is the booking for. Is it personal, a community group, or a business or organisation.
    Please include a contact number.
  • Times and date you are enquiring about
    please include any set-up time as we cannot guarantee access before your agreed start-time.
  • Whether it is a one-off or a regular booking.
  • What space/s you want to book. Is it the Main Hall or the Lounge (good as a small meeting room), or both.
    If you are not sure, just give us details of the planned activity and number of people, and we’ll help you decide.
  • Any furniture or equipment requirements you have.
  • Any other questions, or any information we might need.



If you have any questions please contact  …..

And here's where we are.


    … Regular users ….    

Please contact the Bookings Secretary if you would like to discuss setting up a ‘bookings account’.

This permits the user to make (and amend) multiple online bookings.