Heald Green Methodist Church Rooms: Online Booking

Heald Green Methodist Church Rooms

You can book the Church Hall, Church Extension and Coffee Rooms. 

Church rentals are managed by 2nd Heald Green Scouts in collaboration with the Heald Green Methodist Church.

For more information on our venue, please click on the 'How to Book' and 'Documentation' tabs. You can make a provisional booking from the calendar page.

Conditions of use

See the Documentation for rules and conditions of use.  We reserve the right to refuse bookings.

All rubbish must be taken with you.

Field and car park is shared between all bookings, please be courteous to other users and our neighbours.

Alternative hall

We are co-located with the 2nd Heald Green Scout group, and can also assist in booking of the scout hut, which may be suitable if the church rooms are occupied or you need additional space. 

Church rooms

  • Church extension has 6 tables and 30 chairs
  • Church Hall has 6 tables and 30 chairs
  • Church Coffee Rooms seats 30
  • All rooms are charge at £15 per hour.  The Church Sanctuary is £20 per hour.

There is shared use of the kitchen and toilets. The Methodist Church safeguarding policies applies.

Photos of our Facilities


Church Hall

Church Extension

Coffee Lounge

Church Sanctuary

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