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Bramshaw Village Hall Calendar

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O3 MAR     THU       O9:OO-1O:OO
Private Event     Community    

O3 MAR     THU       19:OO-23:OO
Trustee meeting     Community    

1O MAR     THU       13:3O-14:3O
Private Event     Community    

15 MAR     TUE       O9:15-1O:15
Private Event     Community    

22 MAR     TUE       18:OO-23:59
Parish Council     Community    

23 MAR     WED       1O:3O-13:OO
Safeguarding Lecture     Community    

24 MAR     THU       O9:15-1O:15
Private Event     Community    

31 MAR     THU       13:3O-17:3O
Private Event     Community    

31 MAR     THU       19:15-21:3O
Parish Council Meeting      Community